WTB T2-siege/guns-capable Nag pilot

Show me what you got and what your asking price is.



If OP doesn’t take, i’ll offer 15b for this character.

I am not going any lower than 40b.

lol then you will never sill it!

eh, I’ll take my chances :slight_smile:

LoL, 40B is a ridiculous price for that char. 80M chars are going for 40 right now, but this 43M SP one will go for 40 because… reasons?

too many poors taking lowball offers, I’m not in any need for the isk, im fine waiting, not gonna let some spod brain with trillions offer me 15b and expect me to take it

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If you can link a character sheet I’d potentially take that offer



Add me on discord if you’d like to discuss further

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