Wtb tiamat

I am offering 230b isk. Contact me if interested.

Also interested in a Caedes

Only seen one up for sale, seen one killed on zkills.

i saw that as well

Would love one myself.

Run an Enforcer atm, though do run the Trig HAC every now and then, and find that fun, I’d expect the Tiamat would similar fun.

ikitursa is god tier. I want to fly the tiamat as well tho. if you know anyone send them my way!

The one i saw for sale was around 300bil. Or there abouts.

Even the Hydra is rare to buy, seen the odd WTS, but the buy price makes it more a museum item, just like the Tiamat.

Got to love these guys that get these free ships from an event or as a prize then selling them at over priced markup.

Why don’t you win a tournament if it’s so easy. I think they’re cheap for something that only 50 will ever exist.

I also think in general they are for the most part well priced. In all honestly they are a collector item and are worth whatever people are willing to pay for them. So if people are willing to pay 600b isk for an imp then thats what an imp is worth.

Sent mail in game.

Why must everything go? Gonna RMT it all?

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