WTB Titan

WTB Titan

GW, Provi, Catch, Derelik, Molden, Heim, from NPC station
60-62b depending on what titan/where it is.

Thank, Dr Halsted. That would be perfect, but I’m hoping to not have to move it so far. I missed one Ragnarok that was on contracts in GW last week

Willing to drop the price a little to compensate for having to move it. 58b

Great offer from Tal and I don’t mean to insult you in anyway but my offer is 50 billion for outside of Molden or Great Wildlands. To all readers I will pay up to 62 for the closer it is to Great Wildlands.


Still looking





Widened my search, increased offer. Up.

Try poking legit salesgirl, heard she deals in these

I bet I’ve bugged her enough, a good trader for sure.

Found it, please close this post, ty

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