WTB Toon in Deep Core Mining NPC Corp

Howdy all:

Per the title, I’m looking for a toon in the Deep Core Mining NPC corporation. Post what ya got!


  • Caldari-esque name
  • 25b ISK budget, so can’t do crazy-high SP toons
  • birthdate irrelevant




EDIT: see you sold her


Bump! Still looking…what do you have?

Still hunting…turn inactive alts in CASH NOW/!

The quest continues….I know this is a niche request but I’m still on the hunt. Check yours alts! Bump…

WTS this one Character Sheet (going to biomass anyway)
Your offer?

How does 4 billion sound?

Sorry for the delay in reply, have some issues with payments on weekend
Will transfer char in 2-3 days.
If its ok - pls send isk and account name

ps. Remap available
2 bonus remaps

If you’re still looking I have this beautiful specimen - Character Sheet
Remap available: 2024.05.15
Bonus Remaps: 2
No kill rights
0.0 Sec
Positive wallet

Hello there!

Lets make this official. I am purchasing this toon (Samika) for 4.0 billion ISK

Eve mail with account details sent. ISK now sent.


isk received, sending char in a few hours

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