WTB trade account 9B

most of the trade skills are at full level. My offer is 9B.

would this be remotely what you are looking for Saffia's Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App
i have lvl 5 on adv broker relations and accounting skills most everything else is at 4.

minimum bid 4bill no kill rights

okey,How long will it take to trade?

i still got skills training so probably aobut a day or two. 15 hrs till hull upgrades 5. assuming u also wanna use this toon for ship combat. how much will u be willing to pay for the toon btw. dont send me your isk and info yet.

pay 4B,I will transfer the “weinei” role to your role, and I will also use the “” account to receive it.

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It takes more than the skills to be proficient at trading. Corp/faction standings work towards it as well

I know, but my financial situation only allows me to find an account with enough skills, and I will complete the rest. Thank you very much for your reminder.

ill have to turn down your offer for now. mabye give it like 3 days for someone to counter it. im realy looking for something better than 4bill. 4bill was just a start to see if i get replies. id prefer like 5bill+

I can offer you 5B if you are willing to accept my offer now.

Or you make your quotation. I need this account

ok ill accept it. pls send 5bill isk and account info pls. so i can send back the toon. i just turned off the skill que on her.

I bought an account for the first time. Can you teach me the process?

so what u do is u send saffia the 5bill isk you want for her along with an eve mail, with your acct name on the mail, to that same toon. ill log on saffia and send the isk to another of my toons. then ill use the acct info to send you saffia.

isk sent

ok now i need the acct name to send too.

[Edit @ISD_Drew] removed account name for security reasons.

k jsut making sure
i dont wanan acidentaly get the wrong person

Yes, I’m sorry to cause you trouble

ok sent to . leme know if u get it. it will be in aobut 10 hours for transfer to complete.

[Edit @ISD_Drew] removed account name for security reasons.

What do I need to do now? Or will saffia automatically come to my account?

she will come automatically. i paid ccp the bill.