WTS Avatar and Rag Pilot. She can also fly the Nyx with perfect fighter skills. 127,403,769 Skillpoints. Also comes with a sexy outfit. :)

She should have all skills needed to fly the Rag, Avatar and the Nyx. Plus all fighter skills at 5.
She has a full grade Amulet set. Worth 4 377 800 000 ISK
Skins of value should be the Nyx Federal Police skin valued in Jita at 2.5B at the moment.
Avatar Lavacore skin valued at 4.4B and the Headhunter skin valued at 3.5B and some other cheap skins.

90B Buyout or best offer.

2 Remaps available
Wallet balance 40Million
NPC Corp
No Jump clone available
Character location is Jita 4-4

Hopefully She’ll be well taken care of.

70b offer

75b offer

Thanks for the offer guys. I appreciate it.
But 95B is the lowest I’ll go for her. I was hoping for 100B with the sexy outfit and all. :wink:

imho dont really think skins/outfits add much value (its like having a car with sat nav, when you sell it on you dont get the cash back), ill do 80bil

I’ll keep that in mind m8.
I’ve seen a few less suprfocused toons go for 100B but it was a while back.
Thanks for the offer and have a good day m8,


Let’s make it 90B.

Hey amigo, you still interested in the toon?


85b offer

How about 87.5?

Convo me again when you’re online

Isk and account are sent.

It seems to be working again

Isk and account sent.

Did you start transfering character?

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