WTB Upir Small Nosferatu BPC 25m ea

If you’ve got 2.0 faction standings with Amarr, the high-sec-only courier COSMOS mission to get this BPC is quick, easy and can be run in a T1 industrial. I considered spamming alphas at it, but grinding the faction standings took too long to be worth it for me. Mission information:

Chari Shakai (Level 2 - Distribution - Nutura):
System: Aphi / Civic Court Plaza (Beacon)

No Sincerer Love (2 of 5)
Again haul 400 m³ of cargo a few jumps away, typical courier mission.
Reward/Bonus = 1 x ‘Upir’ Small Nosferatu I BPC / 150K ISK if completed within 10 minutes.

I’m happy buying a bunch of them. Contact/contract me in-game at ‘Quiet Wilds’ or '‘Silent Wilds’

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