WTB Very Specific low SP characters

(Havoc Lamperouge) #1

2 characters with identical skill set:

Industry V;
Advanced Industry V;
Advanced Mass Production V;
Cybernetics V;
Advanced Mass Reactions IV;
Reactions V;
Every other skill at 0 SP;

If you have any character that fits this bill, do inform me your asking price, either here or via EVE mail.

(Otum Kisione) #2

I think that i have something similar on one of my old account. How much can you offer ?

(Havoc Lamperouge) #3

I’ll bid you once I have an idea of the going prices.

(Intriguing Stranger) #4

I would just inject that. Too specific and too low SP to be worth selling/buying a character over.

That being said, it is still possible :wink:

(system) #5

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