WTB Wyvern Wiyrkomi SKIN

WTB…Wiyrkomi SKIN for the Wyvern

Mail me In game plz if you have one up for grabs <3

Still Looking

there has to be one out there…still looking

One limited-time event last year dropped random SKINs like this, but I guess that one was not in the loot table, or it would be more common.

ya i’ve noticed but ty for confirming that it was from a limited event. I never did find anyone that knew where they actually came from and google/research leads didn’t turn up any solid answers so I figured since I have never seen one…Ever…On the market or a player. I figured I would throw up a post to see what was out there.

So I will keep trying but i think this one is in the pile with the Morphite Shine Rorqual Skin.

I don’t want to give the impression that I know a limited event was the first source for your missing SKIN. It is one possible source. I got a Leviathan Wirykomi out of the event, quite a few of those on the market.

I think this is the first source. (I searched EVE news)

This is among the very first SKIN lines that CCP released. They started with NPC corporation color schemes. These types of designs weren’t the most popular, as they are just a recolor based on the default pattern. Of these early types, I leaned toward yellows and oranges added by inner zone & interbus, because EVE ships are all so dark to begin with.

As the art team improved their bag of tricks, adding projection stencils, and took more chances with bolder colors, interest in SKINs really took off.

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