WTBuy PI focused pilots

Looking to buy 2 to 3 PI specialist pilots.

Budget 5-8 bil each, not after high SP, only in PI.

Hate rubbish names so please don’t bother with those

Link pilot name, EVEboard link and WTS thread with BO price.



What no Planetary Interaction specialists for sale?

Interested in selling. More specifics on the total SP and PI specific skills desired.

Thank you Daniel

5 Planet Management skills, I’d like them all at 4 at least.

Other than that just need to be able to fly a ship to where the Plant is;’

They would need to be melted down a bit but all 3 are PI toons and can also mine, rat or w.e.
I’d be willing to melt down and sell at lower SP

Contacted in game, Check mailbox

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