WTS 3x 13.5M SP Identical Characters - Missiles / Mining

WTS 3 Identical Chracters… Rabbai PI / Rabbai PII / Rabbai PIII

13.28M SP + 270k unallocated SP

Mining - Ice / Ore
PI - 400k SP
1.2M In Shields
5M Missile Skills / Caldari BS 5 almost done

They were training to eventually be 3x CNR pilot or 3x Marshall or Widow Pilots when done

Asking for 11B each per character - All Wallet Positive / Positive Standings
Starting price @ 10b (extractor price)
I pay transfer please allow an extra 12-24hrs as I’m petitioning using plex to pay for transfer

Confirming for Sale

Confirming for Sale

Daily Bump.

9 bil


thanks for the offer but injector price alone is worth more

8B each

Daily Bump

8b is less than 9b and still below extractor price…


Daily Bump…

10b per char minimum start and considering buy-outs (essentially extractor price)

Daily Bump… starting price now at 9b since extractor / injector price change

9 bil for Rabbai PI

9 bill for Rabbai PII

Bump daily… Looking for 10b minimum or I can just extract

Can be turned into a mining char and free isk or most missile ships

2 days left till they are sold or melted


Daily Bump Buyouts changed to 11b and considering all bids above 10b checking on final things tonight


9.1b for any of them

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