WTF is wrong with this dude

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Look at this killmail…
Civilan miner on a titan?
150mm railgun?
Shield hardeners?

Can anyone explain what frat was thinking?


Its beautiful


It looks like a great story. Destroyed by his own citadel. Maybe he was about to go do some AFK mining, but was so drunk he used the 150 mm railguns instead and mistook the citadel for the asteroid field?


In house culling maybe

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Didnt notice it was theyr citadel xD

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Coding error.


“Dude, I just mine to relax after work. I use a Titan so that I don’t have to pay attention, because that stresses me out.”


He wanted to get rid of his Titan in the most explosive manner imaginable.
He fist thought “That’s gonna be hard” but when it happened he said “Actually that was easy, barely an inconvenience”




OP, there’s a lot of “for teh lulz” schenanigans like this in null.

@tutucox_Khamsi You made me crack up! Thanks for the laugh!:smiley:

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It’s called trolling, dude.

i wish i could troll billions of isk…

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The point of that was exactly for threads like this to arise and people to talk about it.

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A new form of Titan Chicken to see how low the hull can be breached without cracking.

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This is quite funny, but his total loss was less than 70 billion so basically nothing for us older players.

Guess nobody does any actual research anymore…

That character with the Titan loss is somebody’s alt, created on 2022/05/09 23:36 which then joined player corp on 2022/05/10 11:50 and started doing PvP.

Obviously Skill Injectors were used to give access to piloting that Titan, more than likely that led to ignoring a lot of basic fitting, offensive and defensive skills for that ship, easily surmised just by viewing that fit.

As for the reason… who knows, possibly just a wallet warrior wanting to clear out some assets without messing up their main characters KB, corp standing, etc…

people should give stuff to other people :frowning:


DMC chastises people for not doing proper research. He does a minuscule amount, then stops and decides to just make wild suppositions. Classic.

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