OMG what just happened!

Mining is boring so i have taken to destroying npc miners and scooping the roid loot and salvaging wrecks.
For weeks if when attacked and they warped from belts i knew the cavalry in the form of said npc faction
frigs and destroyers would warp in to spank my ship but even though sometimes number in excess of 10
were manageable.
Considering i have been doing this on a daily basis i thought i had seen everything that ccp could throw
at me…today changed…
Combat logs and true executioners.

The rape was swift and efficient but when i checked on zkillboard my executioner was different and
gave no mention of the true method of my ships demise…concord were nowhere to be seen but…

It’s bad enough i have been experiencing occasional harassment from drifters when i have been
involved in my “mining” pursuits, it seems for some reason they have deep compassion for said npc miners.
That Cassandra Tyrannos cruiser dude/dette?? caught me in a belt and i was only able to get a away by
sacrificing a 2nd char caracal and warping off when cassandra hit armor switched scram to the caracal
and blapped them right after.
I concocted a low sig astero along with halo implants and tackled cassandra and everything was fine…at first.
Scrammed them with nice orbit and it was like that moment in the matrix with the black cat.
Cassandra with no shield and orbiting at a distance of 500m then becomes full shield and 10km away then
instant blappage…lag hmmmm. i though taking the drifter to armor was the trigger for mega death ?

i would be interested to hear of others interaction with the above and interested to know if
cassandra aka drifters in general can be destroyed.

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Serves you right. Too bad they didn’t get your pod. Or your corpse.

Contributed +1 to “It would have lived if it were a shield super” and “dunked”. :smiling_imp:

Well, I gotta say you definitely got some wicked courage to tackle that content, especially since most players (including myself) just ignore / bypass it altogether.

May you always be victorious in all future encounters with the dreaded Sleepers.

Good luck.

This is part of the Pirate Forward Operating base content and the new NOC AI/Logic. And is ####ing dangerous.
(I think you posted the wrong killmail: seems more consistent with your description).

These are not the belt rats, but the defence fleet for the NOC miners you see. What happened to you is similar to what happened to me.
I have, due to killing a lot of them, very bad standings with Blood Raiders. I took my Skiff out mining in hi-sec for a little relaxation for the first time in six months and entered a belt where there were three Blood Ventures. I know enough to not hit them and know they’ll ignore me.
The Ventures immediately warped out and a mixed defence fleet of a dozen plus ships - a balanced mix of DPS, tackle, E-war (neuts) with logistics support warped in. Cruisers and smaller. I only just managed to escape.

I’ve flown in fleets taking on these FOBs and their defence fleets. Even in hi-sec they are tough (you really use Battleships with Logistics) - in lo-sec they start to drop capital ships on you.

The response scales. And it scales by threat to the NPCs based on your ship - big ship(s) gets a big response, AND your standing with that faction. I suspect you crossed a threshold and are viewed as a threat worthy of stomping on.

The Drifter ships are different. They vary between tough and scary. Cassandra Tyrannos I don’t recognise, but the Battleships are murder. Most people ignore them, though I do know of groups that hunt them. As NPCs, they are named capsuleers, but Drifters allow multiple cloning of a single pilot…
Drifters are one of the Incursion opponents.

Welcome to New Eden.
It’s fun out there.

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Seems like you’ve got overconfident and they tought you a lesson. BS response fleet is nothing uncommon. Usually it’s just frigates but frigate + cruiser or frigate + cruiser + battleship flets show up also. Unless you do it for fun there’s no need to fight anything or anything else than tacklers. You either blap a hauler at the belt and GTFO, spank the hauler, GTFO and scan it at the safe spot to kill it there or scan it, kill it and kill miners while tanking the fleet.

I wouldn’t advise going against the fleet at the belt. For various reasons its safer at the safe spot.

Ducia Foundry doesn’t have a FOB. It’s just a regular miner fleet.

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Thank-you. I was under the impression that the NPC fleets were normally FOB related (I was in error) - I operate in Amarrian space where it’s all Blood Raiders. The non-Blooder fleets ignore me so I don’t pay attention to 'em. The Bloods are busier in systems with, or near one of their FOBs.

Getting aggressed by a fleet warping in without having fired first was a nasty little surprise.


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