WTH Caiman + Caiman accessories

Got a Caiman up + a lot of Caiman-related officer mods!

CAIMAN <url=hyperNet:ac097b29-7d5b-483c-a822-9cfc749aec12>HyperNet offer: Caiman

P’s DCU <url=hyperNet:d469c591-2aea-4d76-b36d-c816fb916dbf>Unit P-343554’s Modified Damage Control

Thon Multispec (invuln) <url=hyperNet:d3f68934-7fdb-4562-8be3-d5ceabc592f5>Thon’s Modified Multispectrum Shield Hardener

Estamel BCU <url=hyperNet:2460fcf5-73c9-4e8d-9839-b72b5d2b5b44>Estamel’s Modified Ballistic Control

P’s DDA <url=hyperNet:e3f87501-ae54-4f5e-a6ef-76a8f347bb58>Unit P-343554’s Modified Drone Damage Amplifier<url=hyperNet:2460fcf5-73c9-4e8d-9839-b72b5d2b5b44>

Thon multi sold - congrats to Grayfox!

All the rest still available. About 2d left. 16 nodes remain on the Caiman!

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