WTS Caiman

Caiman 99 b

Dagon 60B offer

sorry, dagon was sold

lets start with there location?

currently located in the Malpais region
but we can consider delivery to NPC Null or Low

friendly bump for a good dude.

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Added information about Сaiman

70Chemosh offer

And caimán price?

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73 b for Chemosh

105 b for Caiman

Loggerhead sold

my offer stands

production cost is above 70b, it’s not profitable for me

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Chemosh sold

Added Aeon

Aeon 58 b SOLD

Caiman 102 b

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Remarkable piece of flying equipment.
Shows you have some isk to spare and like cool stuff he he he.

Mint condition. Still BNIB directly from the assembly line.

Great collector’s item, looks amazing in the hangar.

p.s. Obviously a bump for a good friend. :slight_smile:

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Another friendly bump.

Non-profit sale - CAIMAN 102b

All profits go towards building next, more expensive ship, ship we are not sure we will also be able to sell.
Part of “Build all the, possible to, ships in Eve” marathon.

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