WTS 07' 12m SP Miner/Industry/Production Pilot $ Maker

Selling Myself, a Hulk pilot with 12m SP. This character will be great add to any industrial empire.

Clean Wallet
Clean History
3 Bonus Remaps + Yearly Remap
Located in Jita

Starting Bid 6.5b with 12B B/O


Advanced Industry V
Cybernetics V
Exhumers V
Mining V
Mining Barge V
Mining Upgrades V
Reprocessing V

Near perfect drone skills for hulk!

ill give you your starting offer of 6.5

Dragon’s Flame, If you can do 8B i’ll end it now!

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7 Bil B/o Offer for 24 hrs

ok 8 it is

Sounds good, Sold pending isk to Dragon’s Flame.

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isk is paid and account info mailed ingame

Diggity-done. Shes on her way! 47197139 5/16/2020 11:40:52 PM UTC Thanks !

confirmed via email character is enroute! thank you will be put to good use

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