WTS 1 x Adrestia

  1. Adrestia

  2. Adrestia SOLD

  3. Adrestia SOLD

300b each

3 sexy ladies. They want you

Blonde Brunette and Red Hair?

yes. they are ready for you. you can enter them at any time.

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Weird, I always hear “Docking permission denied due to recent acts of agression”.

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Where are the ballsy pilots?

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How many kill marks on each?

two have killmarks. one is fresh virgin

Do it. Just do it

Take it. Fly it. Lose it. Be a star

Be a rockstar.

yes be fame

let’s seal the deal during dt

900b ?

Decided to sell separately.

2 drestias reserved tilll 25-Mar

@Kanjus: mail sent

Don’t be giving out my fits now big boy x

Adrestias availble again on 26th-Mar. Sorry for the typo.

are those on a test drive or what?

Reserved for a good buddy

all 3 ladies available again