WTS 1 x Sansha Control Tower + other stuff // Pochven - Wormhole

The stuff is for sale in the region Pochven in a wormhole Nalvula. -1.0
1 x Sansha Control Tower
4x Domination Stasis Webification Battery
14 x Small Pulse Laser Baterry
1 x Amarr shuttle
1 x Ballistic Deflection Array
58,000 m³ Let me know what you need - and don"t forget to tell what you offer !
(and keep it real on the prices. because it ain’t eating my food up there )
also have more items there. but i did not want to make the pack to big
so below this ---- line is what i also have there

4 x Serpentis Warp Scrambling Battery
8 x Large Pulse Laser Battery
2 x Pphoton Scattering Array
2 x Heat Dissipation Array
1 x Stiletto Interceptor fitted or un fitted

also have some
Strontium Clathrates 16.666

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