WTS 10.3M SP Resource Processing charactor


(Fall Azur) #1

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Fall_Azur 11

start bid:7.5b

Wallet balance:about 28M
no Kill rights
no Jump clones
In jita with +3 implants and RX-804

(Fuarran) #2

8,5B BO now

(Fall Azur) #3

8,5B OK
please send Email to Azgcz Azur

(Fall Azur) #4

eh,are you still there?

(Druid Arr) #5

is this still available?

(Fall Azur) #6

YES! o/

(Fall Azur) #7

Yes, it is still available

(Hussarr) #8

8.5 bill B/O now

(Fall Azur) #9

Thank you for your offer!
If there are no higher bids. I will close bidding in 24 hours.

(Hussarr) #10

That is buyout offer. How much do i need to pay to win now

(Fall Azur) #11

9B to win now

(Hussarr) #12

Deal. Im logging in now

(Hussarr) #13

Isk Sent from Drunk Reaper. Account name sent in Mail

(Fall Azur) #15

I see it.
transfer the character now.
Thank you!

(Fall Azur) #16

It will be completed after: 6/16/2018 2:16:13 PM

(Hussarr) #17

Character received. Odd that it only has 9.8mill SP now?

(system) #18

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