WTS 10.7M Sabre Pilot - updated

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Looking for 10B for this 10.7M SP Sabre Pilot.
Theoretically could extract 5.5M SP for 4.6B Profit & 5.5M SP sabre pilot remains which would cost 8.8b to create (This is a 3.4b discount) - Some skills were trained to extract (missile, drones, etc.)

No jump clones, positive wallet, no kill rights, will be located in a high sec station (currently thera)


I will be using petition / plex to transfer char so it can often take an extra day to be processed by CCP (smh)

Feel free to contact me on this char or in post

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You are missing information required to sell your toon. You can find all of the requirements in the character bazaar rules.

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Bump day 3

(Jihad4Content) #5

Bumppp day 4

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Bump day 5 make a reasonable offer

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Bump day 6

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Starting bid: 3b

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Closed - Going to extract

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