WTS SuperCap Pilot + Nomad + Sabre


I want to sell this Super Pilot with great KB, Is able to fly Nomad if you want to haul some things.

For tackling it can fly Sabre and Broadsword nearby.

No KillRights!
Located in jita!

[https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Nicolai_Jennings 42](https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Nicolai_Jennings 42)

b/O 50 b

45b offered

50b offered

50b Lynn Mich noticed, auction will end 26.07 20.00 Eve Time.

Happy bidding!

Lynn Mich are you online this evening?

Ready for transfer tell me if you are online.

My bid of 45b is still good if the other purchaser does not respond.

47 bil

Lynn Mich? 50b is b/o will not sell it below.

Lynn Mich not answering b/o still 50b otherwise I will keep char.

Still for sale

still for sale


46.5b offered

50 b/o can do transfer immediately

I can’t do 50b. Ill up my bid to 47b but thats as high as I can go. Isk ready.

Sorry can’t do under 50b it’s a 57m SP Char.

If you strip a 57m SP character to 5m SP and sell the injectors, you would make a total of ~43.7b. Im offering 47b. Your call.

I’m not stripping it anyway. 50b

Absolute 48b deal?