WTS 101m subcap pvp pilot

I am for sale

Subcap hulls V (frigate - battleship)
Weaponry V (small-large)
Srsly check the skillboard…


  • Character is in NPC Corp
  • Has a positive wallet
  • No killrights
  • Security status +4.5
  • Clones in random locations : hisec and null (1x 1dq)
  • Character currently in high sec (jita)

Extract value offers are considered as a free bump

B/O 72B

60 bi


61b offer

62b offer

63b offer

64b offer

Enou currently leading

Will let this run till tomorrow 22.8.2022 11.59 am (gmt +0) and after this I’ll be pm’ing the highest bidder.

65B o7

66b offer.

Winner 66b, pming

Now can trade?

yep send isk and ill start transfer - pm me account where to transfer to (in game message)

Isk and account has been sent.

CC Ernaga is me. Char conversion error:)

Transferring to Y******
Transfer “Will be completed after 8/22/2022 10:32:24 PM”

Ok.wait for the transfer to complete.

Transfer complete, topic closed

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