WTS - 102 mil SP, Capital Pilot - Can fly all races all T2. Great LVL4 Nulsec Agents standings. + Optional Nidhoggur in safe lowsec

Name: Character Sheet WilDOnE
KillRights - none
SecStatus - 5.0
Wallet - Possitive (~30K free LP and 4x300K free RP)
8 Jump clones, mainly +4, 1/2 have additional implants. one Mid-Grade Halo omega

  • Character is located in HighSec Empire, 1 jump from carrier.

You can buy with or without carrier Its rigged Nidhoggur, nothing special t2 fit. Price with carrier is 3,5B more. Carrier is in safe lowsec 1 jump from Empire.

Character has great standings with L4 nulsec agents. It has a solid indy side with 10 mil SP in Industry and 5 mil SP in production. It can fly Indy ships and Rorqual.

Char has 34 mil SP in spaceship command, making him can fly everything. He can do all races T2, with faction ones, all combinations plus ORE.

14 mil SP is in gunnery. Magic 14 is OFC maxed. 12M SP in Drones. 4.5 In navigation with JDriveOp - 5. JFuel-Conservation - 4 JCalibration-4.

He can fly Minmatar carrier and dread. Jump freighter skil at lvl3.

I would open auction with 80b.

For the buyout I cant say exact, try with offers ~50% higher than opening one to tempt me.

I will pay transfer fee.

Lets open it : 80B bid

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95б offer

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