[SOLD] WTS 47.77m SP BS/CovOps Pilot

Hey, there o/

This character is up for sale. Here is some general info:

  • Character Sheet
  • Wallet balance: positive
  • Kill Rights: none
  • Jump clones: none
  • Current Location: Amarr (High-Sec)

Quick skill overview:

  • Good Battleship skills (can fly Marauders/Black Ops) with T2 skills for Projectile/Hybrid Weapons and RHM
  • Perfect Probe Scanning skills (if one does not count Covert Ops, which is at 4)
  • Very Good core skills
  • Production skill basics

Bidding starts at 36b ISK, buyout price is 40b ISK.

The auction will end after DT on Sunday Nov 5th 2023.

36b offer

Some additional information I thought I’d share:

This character also has 13 ship skins including:

  • Kronos Federal Police Skin
  • Federation Navy Comet Police Skin

Remaps, implants?

Currently mapped for Perception/Willpower with +4 implants for every attribute except Charisma. Standard remap plus one bonus remap available.


38b offer


40 bil


So, since I originally set the buyout price at 40b ISK, I’m gonna consider the offer by @Muan_Jakuard to be the first offer of buyout. Please contact me in-game so we can get the transfer started.

Hey Ty I’ll send the isk and info once I get home in about 7 hours

Isk and Account Info Sent

Confirmed. Character Transfer has been initiated.

Character received thanks

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