WTS 102m SP Subcap gallente\caldari

Hi :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I sell myself, I want to engage in production and inventions, my other character, so I need capital :slight_smile: Positive wallet (fitted Kronos for free :sneezing_face: ), jump clones in Dodixie and Jita, you can see everything on the link.
EveSkillboard pass 1983
I will slowly sell myself for two to three weeks and I want a starting price of about 75bill :roll_eyes:
Offer your prices here and also write in the game :100:

67 bill isk ready

Where do these greedy come from? I can get this amount myself if I personally extract skills and sell injectors on the market)) :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Dayly up :money_mouth_face:

The picture shows cool skins and active RnD agents :ok_hand:

a personal alliance, and if you buy me, you can take the alliance and corporation, I will accept you and give you the ceo rights :scream:

have you got skills to ride supercarrier and their weapon?

Daily up :roll_eyes:

:upside_down_face: daily :arrow_up:

Daily up :pleading_face:

need to be in NPC corp…

When there is a good offer, I will go to the npc corporation, I see no problems :thinking:

its in the rules… must be in NPC corp at start of thread.

Why did you bother with me at all? you сan go complain and my topic will be closed, or what do you even want? :yawning_face:

Please move your character to a NPC corporation. Once this is done please flag your posting for the thread to be unlocked.