WTS 103M sp (+256k unallocated) subcap pilot - Sold - Please close

(Rainbow Room) #1

Rainbow Room
(apologies, board previously had password; no longer does)
+5 sec status
No killrights
256,000 SP unallocated

95 Bill B/O

(Ehsan Faaz) #2

95 bill is nearly 1 bill per million SP.

I offer 85 bill buyout.

(Rainbow Room) #3

i’d meet halfway. 90 and you’ve a deal?

(Ehsan Faaz) #4

Sorry but 85b is my max, needs tens of billions spent on it extracting industrial skills and adding pvp skills.

(Rainbow Room) #5

Ok, thats fair enough to be honest. Turned into an odd character.

I’ll accept 85b therefore happy to progress with the sale to you.

When isk is transferred, ping me a message with the Account name you wish the character to transfer to and I’ll start that ball rolling.

(Ehsan Faaz) #6

Ok transfering isk now. Message with account name sent in game. Please confirm here you have received payment and are beginning transfer.

(Rainbow Room) #7

Isk received and account now being transferred.

I’ll keep you posted on any emails that come through. I believe the entire process takes 10 hours.

(Rainbow Room) #8

Just to confirm,

You have chosen to transfer the character Rainbow Room to the account named chrismXXXX (retracted for privacy).

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

(Rainbow Room) #9

Character transfer complete.