Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights

also has FireBlade Guerilla Marshal skin
There are a couple notable skins on the char not considered in the price just a bonus :slight_smile:
Positive Sec Status
Has Training pod (Currently Active and in Jita)
And High grade Amulet Pod
Great Paladan, Kronos, Vargur pilot as well!
B/O 105B

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You need a slillboard

Has been updated. Thanks!

Still available.


95B Waiting for a reply

Apologies for late Reply. Is offer still current and available?

Yes, please reply quickly

Yes, please reply quickly

sorry our timelines are difficult to have lining up currently it would appear. Offer accepted send isk and acct info!

I will check on my lunch break tomorrow and see if i hear back from you with isk and acct info to try and reduce your wait time. Apologies our TZ doesnt line up.

From now on, I will transfer the money to you within 24 hours. Note that check

Okay noted. Am around for the next few hours.

isk and email have been sent

Received- transfer started!

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