WTS 105 kk

EveSkillboard password - 777

Positive Wallet
No killrights

Start bid 60 bil isk
Buyout is set at 100 bil isk

Kanatopa 60B


65B offer

Okay, I’m ready to sell. How does this happen?

When you accept someone’s offer, they’ll evemail you their account name and send you the agreed isk amount. You’ll then go to https://secure.eveonline.com/TransferCharacter.aspx
And do as it asks, and pay $20 to transfer the char.

Before doing that, be sure to move the isk to another char first, once you start the transfer, you lose access to the char.

sell at my offer?

yes, 65B will be enough
waiting mail

isk send

67B offer

__ done

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