Wts 106 m sp industrial and mining toon

I am looking to sell focused toon


Sec.status 5
Wallet 0
No killrights
2 Jump clones
Npc corp
Located in low sec

I pay the fees.

Auction starts from 70 bil


Any more suggestions?

80 bil

90b ill do

@KROKEDIL Please state the password for the eveskillboard link.

Thank you.


Passworld pls


When I first placed my bid there was no password so this account may be compromised. I’m not making any accusations towards the seller.

If you decide to place a password on your character sheet, you must provide that password for the sale.

Closing as no password has been provided after being asked more than 24hrs ago to verify character.

You are free to recreate your thread but please make sure all the rules of the thread are followed.

Thank you! :slight_smile: