WTS 41 m sp pvp industry mining toon

I am for sale https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Tiberey

Pilot is can be used for numerous purposes

Minmatar Battleship V, Gallente Battleship IV (almost ready to fly dominix)
Mining barges V and ORE IV
Minmatar industrial V

Agents of 3-4 level are available

Character is currently in perimeter (high sec) in npc corporation with clean security status and positive wallet. There 1 jump clone available, no kill rights.

I am looking to get around 33-35 bil

33 bil

Is there anyone who wants to raise? I ll accept 33 bill tomorrow if I have got no more offers

Will you be on today for a deal?

Yes I will

ok, character is prepared for transfer, direct isk to Tiberey and provide me with required transfer info

when should I expect isk?

Just logging in

All sent

ok, thank you, I check soon

When can I expect transfer?

within half an hour

ok great

Still waiting

I havent logged yet, finishing my dinner

Still waiting

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