Wts mining toon 27.8 m sp (sold)


Exhumer and mining barge V
Minmatar battleship and battlecruiser V with good gunnery skills

Sec.status 4
Wallet positive
no killrights
2 jump clones
Location: high sec
Npc corp
I pay transfer fees

BO 20 bil

17 bil

18.5 bil offered

Thank you for the offers, but I am stick to 20 bil

Up, who gives me 20 bil?

ill do the 20b

Sorry, I was out. Sold to @Vulgus_Carovigra. Let me know once isk sent, I ll start transfer procedure.

Sending now

Ok, thank you

Please let me know when transfer is initiated

You already sent? I am just not in game yet

Yeah its sent

When can I expect transfer?

I am working on it now

still waiting

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