WTS 107 m sp perfect scanner, Revenant Wyvern Aeon, carriers, Revelation Zirnitra,covert ops locki tengu

Character skillboard

As the title says, the pilot is ready to drive a large number of different ships, including pirates supercarrier: Revenant and Triglavian dreadnought: Zirnitra.

Free sp: 1 m
Sec.Status: 5
Bonus remaps available: 2
Jump clones: 4
Corporation: Science and Trade Institute (npc)
Location: nul sec
Wallet: above 0
Kill rights: none

B.O: 100 B ISK

80B can be traded now


82b offer

83 billion

85b offer


@Limited_Liability I am happy with 90 bil bid. Please send isk and info via eve mail

isk and account details sent

Ok just checked. All good. The character has been sent to you. Enjoy it.