WTS Revelation Pilot - 34.5m SP | 527k unallocated


Can fly:
Pilgrim, Devoter, Revelation, Occator/Viator

Notable Skills:

  • Graviton Physics 5
  • Recon Ships 5
  • Cynosural Field Theory 5
  • Jump Drive Calibration 5
  • Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration 5
  • 8 days from Capital Energy Turret 5
  • Level 5 Gunnery support skills, except Controlled Bursts 4
  • Gallente Industrial 5/Transport Ships 4

Positive sec status, positive wallet, no killrights. Neural remap available, 2 bonus remaps available.

B/O: 28.5b
Offers will be considered.

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still for sale

22 Bil

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still for sale

to the top, looking for better offers

25 bil

If you’re willing to go up a little, i’d be willing to accept 28.5b.

to the top, still for sale

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