WTS 108M PVP Characters

108M Skillpoints.

No Kill Rights
In NPC Corp
Jump Clones: Jita 4-4
sec status -1

Gallente Titan 5 JDC 5 Doomsday Operation 5 Doomsday Rapid Firing 5
Marauders 5 Heavy Assault Cruisers 5
Precursor Battleship 5 Interdictors 5
Gallente Dreadnought 4 Large Autocannon Specialization 5
Large Blaster Specialization 5
Good Navigation skills
Good gunner and missile skills
Good armor and shield skills
Good Drones and Engineering skills

Starting Bid: 90B

88b offer

Thank you for the quotation, but it’s a bit short of expectations

Bids are still valid within 12 hours

Don’t you know bump it up, you’ve got to bump it up.

Cancel sales

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