WTS 52m SP Main Character


52.6m Skill points
No kill right
Jump Clones: Jita 4.4 and Jita 4.10
Location: Dodixie
Balance: 545m isk

55 Skins
Expert Boost Cerebral Accelerator for 6days 16hours
Birthdate 2021.08.24

Starting bid 45b
Buy out at 75b

Hi, still on the market ?

I’ll open the auction with a bid of 35b


Bump !
I confirm the character is in an Npc corp, all rules apply.

Offer still too low, I am sure you can do better :slight_smile:

I’m not going to increase the price I’m offering if I’m not offered a higher price

40.2b offer

Hey All ! Thank you for all your bids, but it seems I will not get as much as I was hoping for. Sorry for the change of plans.

Therefore, I’m canceling this sell

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