WTS 10M Sabre/Intie/Bomber/Cyno V Utility PVP Pilot


Positive wallet and sec status, no assets, standings, or killrights. In NPC corp, currently in low-sec but will move to Jita for sale.

Can fly a Sabre, Minmatar Interceptors, and CovOps with Cyno V, T2 Torps, and T2 Bomb Launcher.

Great utility alt for PVP.

Looking for offers above 8b.

8b isk ready

All yours. Please send isk and account info.

isk and details sent. Currently there’s no spot available, will biomass in 10h’s. Will let you know when the slot is open. Thanks again.

Ok no worries, cheers.

character slot empty, you can initiate transfer, thanks again o/

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