WTS 9M SP Tackle & Scanner (Tengu, Sabre, Onyx)

As title states, character can fly Tengu, Sabre, Onyx. Can anchor bubbles, cyno trained and has adequate fitting skills. All rules apply, transfer will be done using PLEX.



  • Cal Cruiser 5 (Onyx, Tengu)
  • Minmatar Destro 5 (Sabre)
  • Astrometrics 5

Daily bump.

Another bump.

What price you looking for?

I’d guess around 10b, just a little over extract + transfer value.

8b <3

Daily bump.

8.5B Ready for pay

Not interested in offers below 10b.

ok, i think 9B is lowest price. how about 9.3B?

I’ll make it clear one last time; I’m not in a rush to sell and if I don’t receive an offer of 10+, I will not sell the character.

9.5b offer

ok 10B, Go. if you feel like to accept this contract, Contact me,
“Black Esiz”,

10.2B g

I’ll accept it, let me know when ISK and account has been sent and I will open a ticket to initiate PLEX transfer.

isk transfered , plz check mail

Will check when I get home in an hour or two and initiate transfer. Will let you know as soon as I can.

ok good,

I have opened the ticket and will let you know as soon as CCP responds. Hopefully it won’t take too long.