WTS 10M SP Exhumer/Exploration Pilot

I do not have a need for this pilot anymore therefore i am looking to see what i can get for him.
Positive wallet and standings.
Looking for 10b b/o or best offer.
Currently in a NPC corp and stationed in HS.


7b isk ready

8b and it’s yours.

7.5b and deal?

I’m not willing to spend the 20.00 transfer fee for less than 8b sorry.

to who do I send the isk to?

To this character…Market_criminal

sending isks + mail instruction

Market_criminal doesn’t exist, Market criminal maybe, just to be sure

Yeah sorry it’s Market criminal

isk transfered and email sent

Isk recieved…Starting transfer

Transfer complete on my end. Good luck.

email received, waiting for the char but thank you for the fast deal!

NP and thank you… If your looking for another one i just posted Fierna…

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