WTS 10mil SP Trading/Covert Cyno Toon


Has some pretty good trading skills and can do some light hauling.
With a little bit of attention she could be a great beginner hunter toon for someone just getting into BLOPS!
Has all the necessary skills to fly a proper Rorq

11bil B/O

11 Bil - for 24 hour

when i get home from work its yours

i would also like to note after reading over what i typed in for description i used some confusing so i want to clear up what i said i meant that she has the skill books to be in a rorq not the skills they must be trained but all the skillbooks have been injected.

Ok, when u at home, pls contact me.

Hey seems we are about oppositte time zone lol ill be around for a few minutes right now i accept your offer ill be home in about 11-12 hours from now looks like TQ is still down so i can do it when i get home later ill be walking around the house for a few minutes will check this post before i leave to look for a response.

If you send isk and ACC info when i get home ill start the transfer. send isk to this character.

ISK send, Account-Name is Kevin-Garvey

isk received character transfer started to account name Kevin-Garvey have a good one o/

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