WTS 10mill SP mining character Now ending today @DT

I am for sale

7B Start
14B B/O

All CCP rules apply
Auction ends 18/6/19

7 bil

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7,1 bil

7.2 bil

7,3 bil

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7.4 bill

Only a few hours left!

And that’s DT. Amy Foster is the winner with 7.4 Bill. Please send the ISK and account name to Jane Starflash and I will start the transfer.

7,41 bil

lol It will take 7.5 to go against my morals

to whom to transfer? )

send 7.5 bill to Jane starflash and its yours. Eve mail the account name you would like it transfered to as well.

7.5 bill is to you Dmitrij Vladimirovic