SOLD For 13 Bill ISK -- 13 Mill SP Industrialist Starter Compliments of Daltzi

Up for Auction Solid Industrialist Starter Starting bid @ 1 Bill

13 mill SP



2 Remaps

Full set of Plus +5 Implants

Points of interest

Supply Chain Management Lvl 5

Scientific Networking Lvl 5

Npc Corp

Positive sec status

Located in High Sec

I pay transfer fee via Credit Card

Auction ends when I receive a nice offer

I confirm i am up for auction

5 Bill

thank you for your bid

Password not work



Capital L the rest is lowercase


5.5 bil

6 bill

10 bil

Thank you for bidding were getting there


Orca bump

Thursday bump

Friday bump

11.5b offer

Saturday Bump

13bill buyout

Redacted to show 13 bill agreed in email

You eve mailed me - told me 13…