21.5m Orca + Freighter Industrialist

I pay transfer fee to CCP

*ISK will be 1 mil left on this toon.
*3 Jump Clone.
*No Kill Right.
*Character is in NPC corp.
*Character is currently in NPC station in Null.
*Character is in Security Status -0.2.



Total Skillpoints: 19,553,420
Unallocated Skillpoints: 123,000
Pos Gunner Skills Lvl 4 / Anchoring 5
Caldary Freighter Lvl 4
Transport Ships Lvl 4
Exhumers on Lvl 5
PI 4 on Lvl 4
Good light,med drone skills.
Some Basic PVP Skills


Lets Start at 16b.

offer cancel

I’ll offer 8.5b

Yeah, no.

13b offer, ready to go now. but out for the rest of the day

Starting at 16.
Thanks for your offer :slight_smile:


Thank you for the offer :slight_smile:

Also comes with 168 hours of expert boost celebral accelerator. (stats +10)

19, 766 m SP :slight_smile:

Bump to the top,

Up Up and away

When is the auction close time?

You are bellow the minimum stated price. I am not selling for 13b.

well than, I delete my 13.5B offer.

Thanks for the offer anyways.

Up :slight_smile:
Advanced industry to IV now.

SP is now over 20m and rising :slight_smile:

Would consider any offer over 16b.

18b BO valid for 24h :slight_smile:

Can you consider 15B

Well I bought it for 16 and trained another 1m SP…

So, why u bought it 16B at that time, and selling again?