21.5m Orca + Freighter Industrialist

isk and account sent.

Different opportunities arise.

I haven’t accepted your offer.

Okay, my maximum quotation is 16B. If you want to agree, I will pay another 1B. If you don’t agree, please return it ISK

I can accept 17b.

The price of 17B exceeds my budget, so I have to give up.

Okay, I’ll send your isk back in about a hour.

ISK sent back :slight_smile:

okay, thank you

No problem :slight_smile:

Up we go :slight_smile:

Total Skillpoints: 20,463,582

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I offer 15B if u can trade within today.

I am looking for 16+

Up we Go :slight_smile:

Offer of 16.2bil

Thank you for your offer.
We are moving into the right territory :slight_smile:

Total Skillpoints: 21,165,568
Unallocated Skillpoints: 0
Total Skillpoints: 21,165,568

Now has 9 manufacturing and science jobs slots

17 bil

Thanks for the offer, noted