WTS Focused Orca Booster/Miner 13.7Mill SP

(Jennifer Bain) #1

Selling my focused orca boosting character, She has 13.715.238 skill points

Based in high sec, positive wallet and standing with remap ready

Cybernetics V
Reprocessing V
Industry V
Leadership V
Mining Foreman V
Mining Director V
Drones V
Mining Done Operation V
Mining Drone Specialization V

Industrial command Ships V is 5days 16 hours from completing.

Looking for 13 Bill B/O May take a close offer for quick sale


(Absolute Truth) #2

10b offered

(TheBank Manager) #3

10,5 b isk ready

(Jennifer Bain) #4

Thanks for offer, but looking for more

(TheBank Manager) #5

11.5 b b/o

(Jennifer Bain) #6

I would take 12 Bill B/O, online for the next few hours

(Jennifer Bain) #7

If your offer still stands i will take 11.5

(Slot Pilot) #8

13 Bill B/O

(Jennifer Bain) #9

I’m online now, If you send isk i will start transfer immediately

(Slot Pilot) #10

send isk,

(Jennifer Bain) #11

Transfer initiated

(Slot Pilot) #12

ok thanks

(Meep Shouna) #13

Mark this as SOLD please. So you don’t get people confused.

(system) #14

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