WTB Orca character around 10-20m SP

WTB Orca character around 10-20m SP

Please show the skillboard


I’m thinking of selling this 14m SP Orca Pilot

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Are you interested? What would you offer?

I offer 8B, I can send the isk to you if u accept now. But please start the transfer after 10 hours later because I should delete a alt character first.


you have been just transfer once in May 2023?

Does it matter?

Character should not be transfer again in a limited time as I know. But I don’t remember what is the time limit it.

This should be out of your range/budget for what you´re looking for, but anyway, take a look.

You have so much other skill and get the cost so high for me. I wanna to find one around 10-20m skill points.

np , good luck on your search. But! if you change your mind send me in game mail, Fly safe! o/






Can sell this char

I offer 3B

No thx

offer withdrew