WTS 11.7m SP Fun Starter PVP/Roleplay Character

Selling myself, http://eveboard.com/pilot/Minnie_%27Ghost%27_Mayweather.

No killrights, One Standards Clone in Jita. Looking to get more than 10 billion. I’d say 12b b/o

Fun pirating character in a good position to go in many directions. Solid investment. Clean corporation history.

-0.4 Sec status. Positive wallet.

Still available, ready to shoot stuff!


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A little low, keep them coming!


I’ll think about it. I’ll give it another day or so. Hoping to get 10 at least!

hey guy ,how about that?

OK ,fine. 10b

Waiting for contact.

No word from buyer. Still up for sale! Who has the power to wield such a wild pilot?

ISK Received. Sending soon!

SENT. Thank you for transaction.

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