WTS 11.7m SP Fun Starter PVP/Roleplay Character

(Minnie 'Ghost' Mayweather) #1

Selling myself, http://eveboard.com/pilot/Minnie_%27Ghost%27_Mayweather.

No killrights, One Standards Clone in Jita. Looking to get more than 10 billion. I’d say 12b b/o

Fun pirating character in a good position to go in many directions. Solid investment. Clean corporation history.

-0.4 Sec status. Positive wallet.

(Minnie 'Ghost' Mayweather) #2

Still available, ready to shoot stuff!

(RR Enat) #3


(Minnie 'Ghost' Mayweather) #4

A little low, keep them coming!

(RR Enat) #5


(Minnie 'Ghost' Mayweather) #6

I’ll think about it. I’ll give it another day or so. Hoping to get 10 at least!

(RR Enat) #7

hey guy ,how about that?

(RR Enat) #8

OK ,fine. 10b

(Minnie 'Ghost' Mayweather) #9

Waiting for contact.

(Minnie 'Ghost' Mayweather) #10

No word from buyer. Still up for sale! Who has the power to wield such a wild pilot?

(Minnie 'Ghost' Mayweather) #11

ISK Received. Sending soon!

SENT. Thank you for transaction.

(system) #12

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