WTS 11.9mill sp Mastery4 FOCUSED JF / Deep space transport 8 days from Mastery4

Selling myself
+4 implants, great name, very focused, able to haul anywhere and make billions, and an easy flip if you train her a few months.
She will make you a large profit no matter your road you take her.
shall we start the bidding?
All ccp rules apply.

muh bump

7 bil.

sorry but we both know its worth more.

back to the top!

8b offer

sorry, she is worth at least 9.4

to the top. She is still training.


I will offer 9b isk ready now

What mastery is it with the Ark ?

Jf lvl1 ao you assume bot high mastery

10 billion buyout

10.5b b/o

Billy Amarrian She is mastery 4

I accept 10.5b Ill start the process once Isk is received.
However need gone tonight so If no ISK payment within 2 Hours she goes back for sale.

Thought maybe my Orca pilot would have sold by now. If still up for sale once mine is sold I will buy for 11.5

Isk sent with mail indicating account details. Waiting for transfert.

Transfer in progress. Please let me know once you receive her. Thank you, and enjoy.

received ty o7

ty enjoy