WTS 110M 3.2MUnallocated!paladin Revelation Avatar( sold! )

Positive Wallet,
Positive Security Status,
No Kill Rights,
No Bounty
CCP rules apply,
I will pay transfer fee

System valuation 16.5B and Gustas LP 6.5M

Buyout: 90B

(post deleted by author)

65b offer

70B offer

Just so you know, the assets and LP can’t be included in the character valuation.

Also, 68b

I don’t trade characters, so I’m curious. Why can’t one include assets and LP in the character valuation.

Do assets and LP get erased when the character is transferred.

It’s just in the CCP rules.

Assets and LP will remain, but its on your to sell them before transferring otherwise, they’re free to the new owner.

Thanks! I didn’t know!

OK ,i get it

Thanks! I didn’t know!
I changed the price from 100B to 90B
I hope it won’t cause any trouble

I can’t find it…I guess they’re delivering safely

BO 90 bil

@Rores_Pappotte accept

90 bil transferred to @Free_Account . My account sent by evemail.

Completed, please wait a few hours

Character Received. Thank you.

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