[FREE] 2009 Born, ~166M SP, ~28B ISK, JRandom

I left Eve a long time ago when they moved to rapid expansions (2015) and then the final nail was the the plex changes along with pay-to-win. Kept my account around for years figuring maybe I’d grow back into it but nope, tried a couple times recently and I just hate the changes; it’s not the Eve I loved.

Anyways the character is yours if you want it, a little over 166M skillpoints, the in game profile says it has a little over 28 billion ISK worth of assets, born in 2009. Once I get the CCP transfer fee I’ll contract you all the assets and then once accepted, transfer the char.

Free as I said, you just have to pay the transfer CCP transfer fee as I’m not giving out my account into, going to GDRP delete it. I’ll keep this up 1 week and do the transfer on Jan 7th, Merry Christmas.

Character is in lowsec atm and I have assets and jump clones all over the place both in high and low sec as I used to PVE all over the universe.

okay, I’ll mail you details in game @J_Random

How to contact you, I’m very interested in this

With all due respect, sir, this doesn’t seem to be in line with CCP rules

I’ll bid 5B for this free toon.

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@J_Random if the char is still available i’ll take it. Wrote you ingame the details

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