WTS 110m SP

Total Skillpoints: 100,000,733
Unallocated Skillpoints: 10,548,250
Total Skillpoints: 110,548,983

In NPC corp (can be checked in game, site still now refreshed)
343 SKINs (including Ikitrsa All-Star Casino Clash)
Positive wallet balance
No kill rights
Located in Jita 4/4 (+4 implants)

Jump clones:

2 bonus remaps available

Good Caldari standing:


Possible can be good as main character for someone because of many different thing that this char can do.

Starting bid somewhere around extraction value.

B/O 95b

70B offer

71b offer

72B offer


Dear all,

sorry currently it’s a little bit low even for extraction value.


76B offer

how much are you looking for a starting price and a buy out price?

Dear @Diablo_LordofD after some thinking for I stopped on 95b b/o.

Regarding starting price, according my observation from other threads, ppl never take it into consideration :smile:

well that is fair :slight_smile: I was more curious to help you get a proper cost for your char. If i decide to mine again i will probably hit you up for this char :slight_smile: you are a beautiful rorq pilot <3

I’ll go 80B offer.

81B offer

82B offer

83B offer

Can offer 84B B/O. Thats roughly the current extraction value.


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